5 Signs Your Website
Is Outdated in 2021,
And What To Do About It

5 Signs Your
Website Is
Outdated in 2021,
And What To
Do About It

5 Signs Your Website Is Outdated in 2021 And What To Do About It

Bryson Frantz


A well-designed website can help you make a positive first impression on potential customers. It can also assist you in nurturing leads and increasing conversions. But, more importantly, it improves the user experience and makes it easier for your website visitors to access and browse your site.

Continue reading to learn how to tell if your website needs to be updated.

What are the signs of an outdated website?


    Mobile phones account for half of all web traffic around the world, according to Statista. Thus, if your website is tough to access on mobile, you're losing out on an enormous chunk of cash. Because the majority of internet users prefer mobile devices to desktop computers, you must carefully evaluate how your website functions and appears on smaller displays.

    If you don't want to be penalized by search engines, you should optimize your site such that it works well and is still easy to use on mobile devices. Before you put a lot of resources into worrying about making your web page mobile-friendly, try out Google's free Mobile-Friendly Test. This handy tool quickly tells you whether or not your site is easy for mobile users to browse.


    If your website is performing poorly and not generating traffic, that’s a sign you may need to revamp or overhaul it quickly. Done right, this can be an easy win. Done wrong, and you’re wasting precious time. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, which means staying up-to-date will pay big dividends in the long run!

    If your site isn’t ranking well on any search engines, you are missing out on potential customers - it’s time to get busy right away. Make sure you have the basics clearly set up before moving forward because having a common mistake appear in all of your content due to oversight is never a great idea. Claiming your listing on Google My Business is the first thing you should do. It is crucial to add strong content that focuses on beneficial information that search engine users want to find when they are looking for something specific. It will boost its visibility in return. A quick tip: don't forget about adding interactive media elements to your site, like forms or quizzes where prospects can offer their feedback or participate in some sort of challenge!


    You can have a website that looks absolutely stunning. However, if people aren't converting, the issue might be related to your site design.

    • Is your website taking too long to load?
    • Maybe your site is too confusing to navigate due to its layout?
    • Is it easy for people to understand what you offer and what your purpose is?

    If they cannot identify what features or benefits your product or service has, then they are more likely to move on.

    To figure out what you can do to attract more customers, look at your analytics. You should know what percentage of your visitors take action after visiting your website like signing up for your newsletter or downloading an ebook. If the percentage is low, the problem could be that your site isn’t focused enough on driving people to want to take action. Is your site too cluttered? Do people slip off involuntarily? Could navigation or calls-to-action be improved?


    Transition your business into the future with a website that drives your growth. A website is one of the main sources in which you can drive your target audience to do business with your company. With so many companies competing in the marketplace with their own websites, it's important that yours evolves accordingly so it stays fresh and functions effectively in garnering interest in what your product or service has to offer. A website redesign is recommended when you feel like things are outdated or when there are basic pages that still require work.


    It’s very common that you don’t realize your site is not user-friendly until after people complain about it, or you start getting steep drops in traffic. Business owners often think they know their target market so well, they assume everyone can use their website even when it’s actually really hard to navigate.

    Your website is an extension of your company, and it should be viewed as an investment in your company's future – a vehicle for communicating with potential and existing clients and customers. Make it easy for people to understand what you do by clearly outlining your services and products. Make sure that their questions are answered immediately and that the website looks professional and engaging.

    When a customer is well-informed, they are more likely to buy and be satisfied with their purchase. That's why it's so important to maintain the information & resources on your site. Consumers will buy from you if the information originates from your company.

What is the best way to keep your website updated?

You want to make sure that your content is at an impressive level and that it's pushing your business forward. If you have low-quality posts and pages on your website, it may be time to start thinking about removing them and replacing them with newer and better content. Not only will low-quality content bring in less traffic, but it also hurts your SEO and Google rankings. If you feel your content needs improvement, you can always hire a professional SEO copywriter to help you.

Most people think that they only need to worry about updating the content on their website because that's what customers are drawn to. However, your website is just as likely to be overlooked as one that's lacking fresh content. Constant updates and improvements to your site can improve your standing in search results and allow you to present a clear picture of your services and products. By staying up-to-date with new trends, you're less likely to fall behind your competitors and increase the chances of gaining new customers.

Signs your content is outdated

  1. Sudden drop of website traffic
  2. You haven't updated your content in over a month
  3. Can't remember when the website was last updated
  4. Hyperlinks & references are broken

When Google re-crawls a site, it looks for new content; it likes to see that a site is growing with new pages and blog posts, and it prioritizes search ranks appropriately, so post frequently.

It will be difficult, if not impossible, to rank in Google search results if your website simply has one page. The more pages you have, the more content Google will review, the more possibilities you'll have to insert relevant keywords, and the more places you'll have to incorporate outbound connections to other trustworthy sites.

What happens if you don't update your website?

A website that isn't well-maintained is frequently insecure and has issues that cause visitors to leave. Even if your website does not require any major improvements, providing new material to it should always be a top priority. A website that isn't maintained on a regular basis will fall in search engine ranks, become less enticing to clients, and, worst of all, cease to be a useful resource.

Your website is a valuable asset that should be treated accordingly. We provide low-cost monthly maintenance options to keep your website secure and current. Make your website a priority today to avoid being left behind in the online world!

How to optimize a website for mobile?

Today, most companies create their websites using responsive design, which has become an industry standard for creating digital properties that work across devices. This way of doing things is achieved by breaking each website into components and optimizing it so that they fit together regardless of what device a viewer is using it from. This ensures the best possible visual experience for your audience regardless of how they access your content.

Sites that are down and what causes them.

If your website is down, this could be due to a number of different reasons. You might be having issues with your hosting or your domain may have expired. If this is the case, don't worry; the problems can be solved! If you're having issues with your hosting, you can always speak to your hosting provider and find out what the problem might be. If your domain has expired, you can purchase a new one through your domain provider or you can simply transfer your domain to a new provider. This might take a few days, but once your transfer is complete, you can easily set up your website again.

You may think that this is nothing to worry about, but if you fail to renew your web hosting, your website will be offline. This can lead to a lot of lost customers and brand recognition. It is estimated that 33% of companies that go down fail to recover. So, don't let this happen to you! Contact your web hosting provider to renew your web hosting now.

We Can Help With Outdated Website Issues!

If you are suffering from outdated website issues, we can help. We can help with outdated website issues, obnoxious popups, conversion issues, and more.

Get a redesign from a company that specializes in creating a beautiful, modern, user-friendly design that drives conversion. We help clients to improve their site's design, update their current content, and create basic marketing initiatives. Click here to start.

Outdated Website Conclusion

The push to increase the importance of the user's experience has resulted in a lot of people putting more effort into the design of their web pages. Following trends in web design, companies are making an effort to create sites that are functional, easy to use, simple to navigate, and that have a positive impact on your psyche just by looking at them. It’s no longer about the organization’s ability to sell products. It’s about how well they can market their products in an effort to improve the company’s image and showcase the company’s values. To do this, many companies are hiring web designers, marketing directors, and copywriters to provide users with a positive experience.

When a website loads fast and is structured properly, it allows users to get the information they need and act accordingly. It's important to make sure that the site you're creating is accessible to all. For example, all of the main site categories should be in the navigation bar in the same place on every page. This allows the user to easily navigate your site. Additionally, it's important to make sure your site is fast. Users will get frustrated if it takes too long for your site to load. By making sure your site is fast, you improve the user experience and keep your audience around. Think of it this way - it takes less time to appreciate something than it does to get annoyed by it!